Rural Schools Find an Online Resource to Fill Gaps in Mental Health Services for Students

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative focuses on innovative methods for tacking educational and community-based challenges throughout Eastern Kentucky.

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative is one of 22 recipients nationwide who have been awarded a Project Prevent grant from the United States Department of Education to help students who have been exposed to violence or trauma.

Check out Project Prevent: Ripple Effects Here

The Hechinger Newsletter produced a story highlighting rural schools that found an online resource to fill gaps in mental health services for students. The goal is to have fewer behavioral problems in class and fewer mental health referrals to outside agencies after using this program.

“They get coping skills that really just help them be better prepared to be good students and make better decisions.”

-Dessie Bowling

Rural schools find an online resource to fill gaps in mental health services for students

Follow the link to read the full story and look for future stories from The Holler and The Hechinger Newsletter.

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