Science TCT’s: Getting Started

In collaboration with representatives from the Kentucky Department of Education, Future Ready Assessment Team, Expeditionary Learning Fellows and the Appalachian Leadership Lab, the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative has committed to supporting the implementation of the state science assessment system.聽 A major component of this system is through course tasks.聽 In this first video of an upcoming series, Johnny Belcher and Katrina Slone facilitate a conversation with Chris Bentley and Teresa Emmert of KDE about their work across the state with science through course tasks.聽 Teachers and administrators will find the discussion helpful before and even if they have already started this year鈥檚 pilot.

A second video on Frequently Asked Questions has also been posted that can work as a companion to the Getting Started Video or it can stand alone.聽 We hope these initial videos can serve to help all of us as we pilot through course tasks for the first time this year.聽 During the month of February we plan to collect footage of teachers and students involved in the Planning, Facilitating and Post Task Analysis phases of the implementation process.聽 With this footage we can work to offer additional videos in a series aimed to help us all look closer at each phase of the process and learn from each other as we move forward.


2 thoughts on “Science TCT’s: Getting Started”

  1. nicely done folks. Not disregarding any of the TCT information, I feel like the most critical words spoken occured between 30:50 and 32:15. I am afraid that teachers will focus only on teaching the PE’s and not work on getting students better at the SEP’s and CCC’s. If we can plan our curriculum based on the DCI’s(content) by using the framework, like we always have, and THEN build in the other 2 dimensions as you approach each DC we will have 3D teaching. We must have students “practice the practices” often, and we must help them thnk about these ideas in different ways (the CCC’s). We learned in our network meetings over the past 3 years that some of these SEP’s really pair up well when creating a 3D experience as indicated in the current TCT’s. For example analyzing data and then making a claim (constructing explanations) or asking questions followed by planning an investigation around one of those questions.
    This isnt nearly as scary as it seemed 2 years ago. 馃檪

  2. Great job of discussing the TCT info. This should be a must “watched” video for all science teachers as well as principals to get a better understanding of this process!

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