The Season Between Summer and Winter

img_0528Fall, the season between summer and winter. The weather becomes cooler, the plants become dormant, leaves become more alluring, and winter is right around the corner. We mostly know fall by the color changing leaves on many different trees. The leaves change to a variety of colors such as, yellow, orange, and brown.

If you are wondering what causes the leaves to change colors, the tree limbs seal of the end of their limbs causing the leaves to not get as much oxygen and nutrients as they used to, they start the color changing cycle right away. At first, the color they change to is a real bright yellow, almost like a canary yellow. The second color is a real dusty bright orange. After the orange the leaves change into a dark dried up brown, then the leaves fall off onto the ground where the wind will blow them away.


Thanksgiving is a very recognized holiday, because its a day where we give thanks for what we have like food and freedom. Usually families all around this Nation celebrate this beloved holiday on the last Thursday of November. In my opinion the most mouth watering food for thanksgiving is turkey. There are many ways to bake a turkey, actually to many to count. Ever since the first thanksgiving, which was held in, Plymouth Rock, 1921, people have been hunting turkeys and other animals. Now, people mostly buy there food instead of hunting them. Thanksgiving has much more trade marks, but I would share the ones that are most important to me and my family.

img_0525What are some animals that you see during the Fall? Are they deer, birds, maybe even a squirrel? Let me list some animals that you rarely see. The first animal i would like to list is a chipmunk. You may think a little mammal like this isn’t important and that its doesn’t do anything. A chipmunk does tremendous things for its size like, gather food for the winter, dig little burrows big enough to fit them and some of their food,  and defend off predators. Fall is very important for the most animals because, fall is a season dedicated to animals. Animals need fall so they can have time to store food for the winter, and make homes and shelters. Another fall dedicated animal is a goose. Geese have a very difficult perspective of fall. They see fall as the “flying days”. They call it the flying days because they use all of fall to fly somewhere warm before the first frost lays down. I chose geese as a very important fall animal because, it shows how different animals act according the seasons and weather.


So as you can see fall has many trademarks and history from, the first time it was ever done and thought of to spending quality family time with each other. I hope you found my article very understanding  , helpful, and informative.

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