Whole Brain Teaching

The Holler has produced the FIRECAST series for almost a year now and we’ve seen a lot of unique teaching strategies and innovations in the classroom. We knew we hadn’t seen them all and the teaching practices put in place at Louisa East Elementary are among those that completely blew us away.

We were told to expect something great, and what we captured on camera and compiled in the video is excellent. However, the feeling of actually being in the room and seeing the students be so engaged and excited to learn is something best felt in person.

The classroom felt like a Broadway production, the teachers being the choreographer, and the students were the actors, reciting their lines as if it was second nature. The students broke off into smaller groups and were teaching each other and helping others who didn’t fully understand. Whole brain teaching paved the way for a new level of student collaboration in those classrooms. After the lessons were over with I wanted to give both teachers a standing ovation.

If you’re interested in Whole Brain Teaching, Chris Biffel, the founder of the strategy has a website dedicated to helping teachers learn the ins and out. https://wholebrainteaching.com/

More resources can be found at Teacher Pay Teacher by simply searching, “Whole Brain Teaching”. All the resources you need to get started are free and you should never have to pay for anything related to whole brain teaching.

This was a FIRECAST production if you would like to learn more about FIRECAST –click here– and learn how to help rewrite the story of East Kentucky Education.


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  1. Courtney Kingsmore

    The FIRECAST crew is amazing! It takes a lot of talent to make something like this. When one of my kids said, “Today is our big day isn’t it?” I could have cried. You all have taken a day that was so special to them and documented it for them to always have. Thank you so much!

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