We Talk ACT at Allen Elementary

Welcome to FIRESIDE Chats. A show where we sit down with the exceptional people of Appalachia and take a deeper look at education in the mountains. In this episode, we visit Allen Elementary to talk about their participation in the ACT program. For those unfamiliar with the program, it means  Activating Catalytic Transformation. ACT engages shared leadership teams in school and staff transformation through five key workstreams:  facilitative coaching, clinical professional learning, networking, mentoring and micro-credentialing. To learn more about this program please watch our interviews with the staff and students of Allen Elementary and the Superintendent of Floyd County Danny Adkins.

“Engagement equals achievement” -Danny Adkins

This is Allen Elementary’s second year in ACT and they are using it to better their student engagement and professional development. However the school isn’t only interested in getting the students excited, they are also getting the community engaged in their children’s learning. Check out Jerry Turner’s FIRESIDE Chat to learn more about that.

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