#CodeAppalachia ATI Coding Challenge


The Appalachian Technology Institute (ATI) launched last August to bring world-class educational opportunities to students in the mountains and stimulate economic growth. Four hundred Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) students are enrolled in Introduction to Computer Programming courses and Introduction to Aerospace and Aviation.

In conjunction with the 2nd Annual Action Research Summit on April 27th, ATI is hosting a Coding Challenge and launching a #CodeAppalachia campaign to raise the visibility of students on the cutting edge of programming and coding to impact their mountain communities and economies.



The Challenge: Students are to create a complex Karel world of their very own design through the Sandbox portal found in CodeHS. However creation of the world is only the first step. Students must also develop a functional solution to their Karel world. School level winners will be invited to the Action Research Summit at the East Ky Expo Center on April 27th to showcase their coding abilities and compete against students throughout the Appalachian region for prizes.



Karel’s World must include:

  • Both walls and balls
  • Example of the Start and End Worlds of Karel
  • Directions

Solution must include:

  • Comments: Pre-condition and Post Condition
  • Correct Format/Syntax/Indentation
  • At least 2 of following: ƒ
    • For Loop ƒ
    • While Loop ƒ
    • If/Else Statement
  • Creation of at least 2 unique functions in the solution.

Provided that students have met the specifications outlined above, facilitators/on-site teachers will choose a school-level winner. Scoring and selection of the winner is based purely on the discretion of the facilitator/on-site teacher. Once the school-level winner is chosen, please share the link to their Karel World and solution via email to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Programs need to be developed and submitted to schools by April 15.  School winners must be selected by April 20th.

If any questions arise, please feel free to email any of the ATI staff listed above.


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