FIREshare Ep. 4 – Project Prevent & Ripple Effects

In today’s episode we take a look at KVEC’s work with “Ripple Effects”.  The Ripple Effects proposal was chosen from more than 300 applicants as one of 22 programs approved for multiyear funding through USDE’s Project Prevent. The goal of Project Prevent is to reduce violence against children and youth, by addressing trauma-related mental health concerns that are often at its root.

HMS Students Using Ripple Effects

HMS Students Using Ripple Effects

Ripple Effects is the name of the technology-based program selected to anchor this project. Listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices, it is the only children’s mental health intervention that is both comprehensive and technology-based. It is the only one that is adaptive both at the level of content and learning process, so that learners find and access what best fits their personal needs.

For more information on this program and how you can apply to have this program in your school, you can join the Project Prevent/Ripple Effects Holler or contact Lisa Garza or email her directly at

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