How do you even use a green screen?

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Imagine this, it’s an early Saturday. The new Avengers is out and you can’t wait to see good ol’ Spiderman kicking some bad guys around but suddenly a cell phone rings out through the theatre. Your super focus on Thanos is gone, you left with a feeling of disgust. Moments later you try to focus back in the hit blockbuster but as Ironman blows up another building you begin to wonder… How does he do that? Like serious how did they get this shot? Well, one of the many effects they use is green screens.

Green screening or Chroma Keying as the big time producers call it is the of isolation a single color, or a group of colors to superimpose an image or video over the now isolated colors. Take the above image of Dr.Strange when you watch him in theaters he isn’t flying around in a greenroom he is flying through cities or outer space (No worries, no spoilers here.) Watch the video above to learn some basics when it comes to Chroma Keying and some ways to get the effect working.

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