Losing a Grandparent at a Young Age

First it’s the worst feeling in this world. The pain is so unimaginable. We expect our loved ones to live forever, when they pass away, it’s hard to even fathom. The days leading to their burial are so hard. You hear stories of them, you meet all of the people who knew them, and you realize that they won’t be with you at your high school graduation, your wedding, or the birth of your children.


15281101_1328189593880105_798006756_nLiving without grandparents is like living without your best friends. You are so used to talking to them on a daily basis, and then suddenly they aren’t here. Life will go on. You’ll survive. It might not feel like it, but eventually you’ll look back on the memories that you shared with them and smile, you might even cry.

There will be good memories. They will be the best memories you’ll ever remember. Time will heal the fresh wounds. They might not heal completely but they will heal a little. It will become somewhat easier, except when it’s a holiday, special occasion, or their birthday. Those days make you want to cry all day. You have to push through those days, remember the good.

942022_591517600880645_1188024159_nWhen my grandmother on my Dads side passed away in 2012, I was crushed. My siblings, cousins , and I spent almost every weekend with her at her home in Little Dry Fork, KY. We would laugh, talk, and play cards. Now she’s not here. We aren’t as close as we all used to be. I miss that. She held our family together. Now that she’s gone, we aren’t as close. Christmas and Thanksgiving are extremely hard. The Christmas season is hard because I don’t get presents from my Granny anymore on Christmas Eve.



So when you read this, hopefully it will bring you peace knowing that it’ll be okay. Life is extremely hard, especially when you don’t have a grandparent to be there with you. Just know that they are here with you in spirit and God had a certain reason He took them home. It’ll be okay. You will be okay. Trust me. I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I’m okay. You will be too.


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