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    My “Bringing Social Studies to Life” Project Summary: To make my social studies classroom more fun and engaging, I plan on using virtual reality goggles to put my students “into” what we are learning. I want to be able to visit the regions we are learning about in geography. I want them to walk into a Native American shelter. I want them to walk across the battlefields that we are studying. By using these goggles and apps such as Discovery VR and NearPod, my students will be able to see things as they never have before and go places that they never imagined they could visit. Social studies was considered to be my students least favorite class after conducting a poll. After discussing why this was with my students, they said things like, “It’s so boring!” and “We never do anything fun!” and I want that to change. By the end of the school year, I will conduct the same poll again after using the virtual reality goggles and hope to have social studies move up on their list of favorite classes!!!

    • VR! Nearpod! Social Studies! Music to my ears! Thank you for doing this and you know you will get to share out in CIA 🙂 I appreciate you and what you do for our students in Floyd Co!