• Jason Arnett posted an update in the group Holler logo of AccountabilityAccountability 2 years, 1 month ago

    After reviewing KY’s Uniform Academic Course Codes webpage, we are concerned with effectively providing students a rich and well diverisifed curriculum. We, as all districts are worrying about next year’s budget influencing staffing, and ultimately the effect it will have on students. As always, we will meet our students needs with the talents of hard-working staff.

    • A concern we are all feeling. Does seem to be more with less these days.

    • I think is a concern for all of us; always having to do more with less. We do look at the particular strengths of staff members and attempt to place them appropriately. We are also hoping by consolidating our middle and high school into one building that will allow us to provide more opportunities for all our students.

      • I agree completely! We are struggling now to operate with limited funding and a shrinking student population. We had to consolidate our elementary schools two years ago and the middle and high school last year. Many of our teachers are worried what the future holds. These new requirements will make it nearly impossible for our district to stay afloat.

    • Jason I think this is a concer we are all going to be feeling. Our schools concern is also providing students a rich curriculum as well as opportunities to provide the enrichment and interventions that are needed. This task continues to get harder as our number of staff keeps dwindling.