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    After reviewing Kentucky’s Uniform Academic Course Codes webpage, our school’s concern is having the time and staff to get all of the required credits, especially with the many dual credit and AP classes offered that many students choose to take in addition to their regular course load. We are worried that students will not have enough room in their schedule to take all of the required courses. We are also worried that we will not have the staff to support the course load. For example, we only have one world language teacher, who cannot serve the whole school due to scheduling issues. Therefore, we have seniors who struggled to fit world language into their schedule.

    In the fall, the middle school is merging with the high school. We believe this merge could alleviate some of the prior stated concerns. Students could begin to acquire credits earlier if their schedule allows. Therefore, it would allow students two extra years to acquire all of the required credits. In addition, with the middle school being on our campus next year, it will allow students explore technical paths they are interested in, and if they already know what path to take, it will allow them more time to refine their skills and become certified in that area. With everything considered, we would not allow students to acquire multiple elective credits until they have fulfilled the required elective credits. This would incentivize students to complete the required credits sooner so they do not become seniors with many credits left to complete.