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    The 7th graders at Adams Middle School are currently learning about entrepreneurs in Kentucky via a workbook by that name from econ.org This is an older resource, but has profiles of such notable business leaders was the Turners (Dollar General), John Conti, Laura Freeman (Laura’s Lean Beef) Curt Jones (Dippin Dots) etc. There rare activities, vocabulary builders & more. It is one of my favorite resources. I got it at the KCEE conference last summer.

    • Norm, This looks like a great resource and I’m sure your students are inspired by their stories. If you are interested in connecting virtually to some of these entrepreneurs , I will be happy to help you. I work with Mary Ann Vimont who teaches an economics class at UK and she has several contacts who speak to her classes such as the young man (31 years old) who holds the Kentucky franchise for Orange Leaf and has an amazing story to tell.

    • Thanks for sharing Norm.