• The Digital Portfolio Station is under way and the students are busy creating writing pieces using the new laptops. Can’t wait to use the rest of the resources from the grant!!!!

  • Using SmartMusic to assess high school concert band:
    For most of the students, SmartMusic has been very effective. We have ran into a few issues. The software is browser based and is only usable by google chrome. This makes most Mac interfaces unusable. Also, you must have a computer or a tablet. The software cannot be used on phones which was…[Read more]

    • This would be great for schools that have adopted chromebooks for all their students, though!! Maybe your district will do the same soon 🙂

    • Update 2 Virtual Labs: Update 1 Virtual Labs: We still await upgrading the wifi. However, we have done 4 virtual labs using the chromebooks. Students have shown improved scores and better comprehension of concepts with the use of the simulations.

    • Update 1 Virtual Labs: My chromebooks have came in and still need to be set up on the faster, more secure WIFI. Our district technology coordinator must be the one to fix this. My students really enjoyed their first experience with the Virtual Labs on PhET.

    • Harmony Director for Paintsville: As of yesterday my Harmony Director has finally shipped (it’s such a popular product that it’s been on backorder since October!). I’m sure once it finally arrives it will be everything I hoped for and more for my ensembles.

    • Extra Extra Read All About It update: It has not gone as expected and we had to make a few changes as the school wanted to go digital with most of the happenings at school. We decided that we would do a end of the year compilation this year for grade K and 2nd. Next year, we will be able to do all grade levels. The binding machine and extra…[Read more]

    • The students really enjoy using the Ipads, Kindle Fires and Chromebooks to help with their learning. The Ipads and Kindles have increased my students’ fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It has allowed them to listen to the stories numerous times in order to help them with comprehension and fluency. My 5th grade student enjoys typing h…[Read more]

    • Student Voices of Appalachia: Podcasting from the Elementary Classroom

      Tara Howard, Ashley Gamble

      Our idea to implement podcasts in the classroom came about after talking about the influence and popularity podcasts have on society. It is important to explore trends in teaching and podcasting has become a popular tool in the classroom in all…[Read more]

    • Grant Update for Student Voices of Appalachia: Podcasting from the Elementary Classroom

      Our project is developing nicely. Student groups are working on a range of podcasts including, poetry, global warming and film theory! We are enjoying the process and I am so excited to see the final products.

    • We Need Technology!
      Love this grant we are new to learning how to use the program reading A to Z. Students read books with an app on the ipads or on chrome tablets. During fall fire summit, a group shared how to do teacher made test for accelerated reading. It has worked perfect for the books from this…

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    • Curriculum That Makes Learning Fun
      My class is loving the new materials that we received for this grant. Scholastic new today we had an issue for Presidents Day. What fun, students read President Lincoln was president 150 years ago.

    • Grant Update for Reading is Epic!: This addition to my classroom has drastically changed the reading engagement of my reluctant and struggling readers. Students are able to explore many different genres and topics to discover the type of books and text they enjoy! The headphones and chromebook charging cart I purchased with the grant money has…[Read more]

    • Grant update: Have had a lot of success getting the students to work on projects, and even create their own 3-D printable objects. They have grasped the concept of “an evolution in the arts”. They have strung together the implications that art has on technology and other fields, and it has expanded their ideas of what using art actually means. The…

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    • Grant Update: “Can You Hear Me?” Our innovative grant is helping us develop effective communicators in the classroom. With the purchase of a classroom audio enhancement system, students are loving “taking the mic” and participating in our classroom discussions. Our mic system has changed the way we learn and listen. I can’t brag enough about…

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    • My grant, “Write On”, has transformed my classroom. We purchased 3 dry erase tables and have been using them for numerous literacy and thinking strategies. The students love them! Most recently, we used our learning tables for a vocabulary strategy activity as students moved from station to station. The tables provide a great instrument to…

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    • Update on my Grant Project for Transitions of Exceptional Students: My project consisted of creating a “Relaxation Station” for my students in order to prevent negative behaviors associated with transitions within the classroom, particularly those involving computers and technology. The station was intended to be self-initiated, and our students…[Read more]

    • Hey all! The Alexa Echo Show has been an amazing tool for my students! We use it EVERY day! It keeps us up-to-date on the weather and important news topics. We have used it to help us spell sight words and “trick” words that go along with our phonics program. I have created quizzes for my students to use in math. My academic team students…[Read more]

    • Everything has been running smoothly for Operation Math Assist. I’ve posted instructional videos to YouTube for my students to utilize for study purposes outside of the classroom. I originally thought this would be a beneficial tool for the students who do not have the “perfect home life” as they would likely not have someone to help them with…[Read more]

    • These students were the big winners in our Breakout activity! Students used their Boogie Boards to work out problems and solve clues to be able to open their boxes! Students are loving using the Boogie Boards!

    • We have been utilizing our sensory sight word wall in assessing our students on the sight word karate progress. We have also been encouraging our students to quiz each other during free time by partnering up and going to the “word wall” in the hallway and do a pair-share activity. We also have encouraged our students who are struggling to go to…[Read more]

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