Phelps Elementary – Positive School Message

The challenge was accepted by Mrs. Rebekah Gooslin and the Phelps Elementary Production Crew from KVEC! We were set out on a mission to create a documentary to share with the world about how our school makes a difference in our community. We hope to inspire others to post a positive message how your school has made an impact on your life. We have one of the greatest schools in the country and some of the most incredible group of kids in the nation! This short video was created by using iMovie and we took videos and pictures using our iPhone’s (with special permission and consent of course). The PES Production Crew consist about five students in the fifth and sixth grade. Mrs. Gooslin and the crew would meet after school once a week to participate in an online Fireshare Transmedia Film Production course offered through Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) This beginners course was very helpful learning the process of how to make short documentaries. We learned important concepts to video production such as: how to craft an idea, the rule of thirds, storyboarding, choosing the right gear, etc. We hope you enjoy this positive message about our amazing school!


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