TECH TUESDAY- Tips and Tricks for Phonetography!

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Welcome to a new weekly program created and designed by the Holler and the aim of the series is to highlight technology rather it is through a tutorial on a piece of tech or just to showcase upcoming goodies and what you can expect of said goodies.

This week we are talking about filming with your smartphones so you can capture the best possible video. Please do remember that not all smartphones are created equally. Today you can buy a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Note for 1000 dollars or for less than 55 dollars you can get an unlocked smartphone that does basically the same thing just with little to no polish and optimization, the Alcatel Ideal. Before you go out and buy the cheaper device let me say a lot of corners were cut to get to a lower price. However, if you aren’t one to care about your memory, refresh rate, brightness,  processing power, and even sound quality then you probably would be fine with the cheaper alternative.

Tech Tuesday will be coming back next Tuesday, so don’t forget to set those reminders on your phone and to check back on so you don’t miss an episode. By the way, if you still have questions or you’d like to know more about a certain product be sure to email me at and maybe your question will be featured on an episode of Tech Tuesday!!



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