Telehealth Supports Student Wellness in Knott County

“We believe our schools are epicenters of the movement toward healthier bodies and minds, as our students grow to value their own health and lead their families and communities to a better quality of life.” -Sandy Hogg

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) is a consortium of 19 rural school districts in southeast Kentucky. Sandy Hogg, KVEC Health & Wellness Lead, helps to coordinate wrap around services for 99 schools in the Cooperative Region, serving over 40,000 students and their families. Through public partnerships and funding, several of our schools can offer Telehealth services to their communities. Contact Sandy here on the Holler @sandyhogg

In this video Certified Nurse Melina Blair shares her experience with a new Telehealth unit at Carr Creek Elementary School in Knott County, Kentucky.

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