PDAS Workshop

KVEC’s Perpetual Data Analysis System (PDAS) is a well-defined set of principles, procedures and tools that help guide schools and districts as they continually collect, analyze, communicate and use multiple measures of data to improve every aspect of school/district decision making. Implementing the PDAS assures continuous improvement of teaching and learning. PDAS is a team […]


Goal: To address critical teaching shortage areas and improve teacher effectiveness in the KVEC/ARI region. The ARI Teacher Tuition Assistance Program is a RTTT-D funded project that targets teachers who are completing, or plan to complete, course work to secure a degree or certification in a critical shortage teaching area, secure dual credit certification, or […]

Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative : Investing in Effective Teachers

Across the nation there exists a shortage of qualified teachers in many critical teaching areas including higher level math and science, and foreign languages. These shortage areas represent certification types where substantial proportions of teachers are being hired to teach courses without the appropriate certification, where significant vacancies exist, or where postsecondary institutions do not […]

Writing about Music Workshop

Writing About Music is a workshop Co-developed by The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, From the Top, and KVEC Trainers:  Co-presenters are Jeffrey Jamner, DMA and Senior Director of School Programs at The Kentucky Center and Carole Mullins, NBCT, KVEC English/Language Arts Instructional Specialist. Materials and resources for implementation of this workshop can be […]