404 Monster Hour of Code Challenge

Creating a video game is difficult. I know this because I’ve tried, and failed, multiple times. Even the simplest game is a daunting task to take on, so for this year’s Hour of Code stream I wanted to give myself a coding and design challenge that could be solved in a couple of hours and […]

Pulling the Thread

Attempting innovation in education Introduction Finding consensus of what it means to be innovative in the classroom, or education in general, could prove to be difficult, if not impossible. It is easy to get caught up in equipment like iPads and new computers but most teachers would probably agree that the presence of the new […]

Virtual Art Gallery

The Success of a Community. The first sub-Holler ever created on theHoller.org was about comics and cartooning. If you go back through the beginning sketches of what would become The Holler social learning network you would see many references to cartooning and sequential art in the brainstorming process. However, it was always expected to be […]

The Holler Studio

Don’t Just Stand There // Make Something The Holler production studio has been designed with one goal in mind: if you can imagine it, we have the tools to build it. The facility is split between a studio room where teachers and show hosts interact with cameras and digital technology in front of a camera […]

Building a Gameboy

Use code to create something you can hold When The Holler first began, programming and creating interesting products using code was on the short list of skills we hoped to encourage. Fast forward and the Appalachian Renaissance Initiative (ARI) and the Appalachian Technology Institute (ATI) have created an opportunity for high school students to learn […]

The Appalachian Technology Institute

The Appalachian Technology Institute (ATI) is being designed to bring world-class educational opportunities to students in the mountains, but also to stimulate economic growth. By creating a culture of innovation, while at the same time leveraging resources such as area wide broadband Internet access, the ultimate goal of the ATI is to bring about systemic […]

The Holler @ 1 Year

A little more than a year ago I made a video about a website I wanted to create called The Holler. At that time the site was just a small prototype of what I hoped it would become but there was enough there to start telling others about the project. By chance I bumped into […]