Phelps Elementary – Positive School Message

The challenge was accepted by Mrs. Rebekah Gooslin and the Phelps Elementary Production Crew from KVEC! We were set out on a mission to create a documentary to share with the world about how our school makes a difference in our community. We hope to inspire others to post a positive message how your school […]

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Holler Out Loud

I have been teaching a Journalism class for 26 years. In my early years at Fleming-Neon High School, the class mainly focused on creating and selling the school yearbook. If we were lucky, we were able to produce a few issues of a school paper. Multi-media journalism was out of the question. After 9/11 our […]

Graphic Arts Online Course

As an educator in the field of art, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted when trying to find opportunities for my students to experience new things in the art world. Due to the lack of funding in education, overall, I rarely ask for art supplies. We seldom ever have opportunities to leave our classroom, aside […]

Picture This

Picture this. How many times have you said these words when you are preparing to tell or share something that has happened? We want the person we are talking with to visualize the story we are sharing. Letcher County Central High School is so blessed and fortunate to have Doug Adams as our Art instructor. […]

Create and Be Heard

Last year, I walked into my Sophomore English classes to explain The Holler absolutely sure that they were going to think that the opportunity was as awesome as I did. Instead, after talking to twenty-five blank expressions for ten minutes, I stopped mid-sentence. What I had said wasn’t sparking anything in them, so I rephrased […]

Our School Our Story

Three, two, one, action! Hello everyone, my name is Rebekah Gooslin and for the past five years, this has been my role at Phelps Elementary. Since the first day I was interviewed, our principal asked if I would bring the Arts back into our school. I thought, “How amazing is this? I get to go […]

The Beginning of Our Journey Down the Holler

In the late 70’s, it was difficult to get an art education job in my hometown area, so I continued working outside of my field thinking I would never get a chance at my Plan “A.” After working 19 years in the coal mining industry, fate brought me to Paintsville Independent Schools to use the […]

I Wrote a Novel in 58 Days…

To accomplish this I used the problem-solving model I developed while writing my coursework in college and while programming for all my technology endeavors. If the average novel is 70-80k words, how can I break that into something manageable? I knew the story I wanted to tell and I had a good grasp on who I thought the characters were, all I needed was a plan to get it all written

Mockingbirds: Creating a Comic Page

A couple of months ago I started working on a comic book idea with my friend Christopher Epling called Mockingbirds. The general concept centers a young man comes home from WWI and his hometown is different than he remembers. The first storyline is 6-issues with the first issue coming in at 28 pages and the rest […]

Why I’m at the Holler

I love the Holler. I never thought I would spend so much time in my life sitting in front of a laptop editing video from educators across the region; I never thought I would spend time in the KVEC office in Hazard filming a discussion on the future of the region involving Governor Patton; I […]