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    I am a paperless classroom so I utilize numerous resources that allow me to monitor and enhance engagement. All of the Google Apps for Education are fantastic. I like to use Google Drawings in my Integrated Social Studies course in order for students to present visuals of topics that we are discussing. Another resource that I use is Nearpod. Nearpod is an interactive presentation that I enjoy using during lectures. It allows me to move the slideshow and control it on every students’ Chromebooks, they can have a student-paced lesson where they control the pace, and it has multiple formative assessments within the lecture to continuously engage.

    • I saw Nearpod on a school PETLL visit. It is what reminded me of the PearDeck presentation from this summer. My next task is to compare the prices of the two.

      • Near Pod is one of my favorite Tools!
        Do you enjoy being a Paperless classroom? Pros and Cons?

        • I’m not paperless. Our assessments are online and we do a lot of online and google activities on our Chromebooks, but not totally paperless. We have a few teachers in the district who are. They love it.