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    “Lights! Camera! Math!” My problem of practice is the group of math students I will teach during the 2016-2017 school year has responded poorly to traditional teaching methods. I know this from past KPREP scores, last year’s MAP data, and discussions with the 5th grade math teacher and our principal. While I intend to deliver quality instruction, there is a non traditional method that I would like to include. I want to provide my upcoming students an opportunity to create their own video scenarios for teaching math skills. I believe that this would incorporate real world experiences using math and trigger the protege effect which leads to students working harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively. While we have access to my personal camera, our production quality is weak in sound and lighting. My research question is: Will student created math videos lead to mastery of those math skills? Success will be measured by student and teacher created exit slips using Google forms. We will measure success based on > 80% of students scoring > 80% on the exit slips. We will also compare this year’s MAP data to last year’s. We will upload students’ videos to our YouTube channel, with links to Twitter and the Holler.

    • Exit tickets had at least 10 items that students had to respond to. They were permitted to make their responses outside of class. The data presented shows the results of the 50+ students who responded.
      While students as a class did not routinely score >80% on exit tickets, I do feel that the project was beneficial. The students who did create the videos did learn the content they were presenting at high levels. On only one occasion did a presenter score less than 80% on the exit ticket for her video.