• “Young Authors Project” Problem of practice: How do I engage emergent readers and writers as I teach the writing process? Often emergent writers are met with uncertainty and frustration. They sometimes struggle to find their creative voices. What better way to encourage young authors to push through and build stamina than to allow them to…[Read more]

  • OK the moment you have been waiting for has arrived. First, let me congratulate the students whose works were selected to be published during the first “Art Gallery Workshop”. These books were evaluated based on every aspect of the workshop; from story to artwork. It was a very, very hard decision on behalf of those who did the judging. The…[Read more]

  • Just want to ask if there is anyone in a classroom (or other location) that would like to link with other teachers through the Mondo Board? If you would like to link with other teachers and classrooms in other districts, list your name, grade level and content area and post below. We will create a directory of teachers that would like to allow…[Read more]

    • Yes, yes, yes! Melanie Belcher, Grades 6-8, Language Arts
      Thank you, Kelli!

    • I would like to connect with other teachers through Mondo–I teach 6th grade math, science and social studies.

    • I would like to join!!!
      Amy Case, Elementary Guidance Counselor, K-6 Johnson Co

    • I am so excited about the possibilities with the Mondo Board. I am wondering if any TPGES folk are using the Mondo Board and LYNC Sessions to meet with Peer Observers from another school. Sometimes those role like teachers (foreign language, some special ed. areas, etc. are hard to hook up with a near by peer. I would love to see some of you…[Read more]

    • Stephanie May, Science, Belfry Middle in Pike County

      • Stephanie, I teach 6th grade math, science and social studies. Do you teach any of those subjects to 6th grade students? I would like to work out a situation where you could do lessons with my students in a “distance learning” type scenario and I could reciprocate. This is something my administrators want to see me doing and I’m having a hard…[Read more]

    • YES!! I know many Hazard teachers will want this opportunity. I’ll begin with our teacher leaders …. Triena Bowling, 6th grade LA, Kerry Kilburn, 4th grade math, and Effie Stidham, high school LA and social studies. Thanks.

      • Vivian, who teaches 6th grade math, science, or social studies at your school. Could you please give them my e-mail address to start communicating about doing some distance learning team teaching. My school e-mail address is jason.hall@owsley.kyschools.us You might remember me as my wife and I did the discussion with you and another lady (who…[Read more]