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    My class is already having a great time implementing our grant resources. We are using a 3D printer–a Flashforge Finder, which is a great 3D printer. My students can’t believe that a printer can produce a tangible 3D object. This is a great project! The following is a overview of our grant–Redefinition–the Next Dimension: One of my teacher goals has been to climb up the rungs of the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition model. I feel I am very good at using technology to substitute and augment lesson material, students’ use of technology and products. I am getting better at modification. However, my problem of practice centers on my weakness in coming up with ways to incorporate redefinition in my instruction. After conducting research on implementing redefinition in my teaching with technology I feel that the best strategy would be to incorporate a 3D printer in our classroom. I have found multiple sites that provide ways of targeting specific standards in the subjects of science, math and reading. Through the use of online trainings I will become well trained at using the 3D printer in order to train my students. Our grant allocates funding for enough filament for students to develop necessary skills to create successful 3D prints/objects. We will also use free 3D generating software such as Tinkercad. The research question that will guide my study of this innovation is as follows: Will the use of a 3D printer in a fourth grade classroom help me to appropriately use technology to redefine instruction? My goal is for 100% of students to become adept at using technology (Chromebooks, iMacs, 3D software) to create products (i.e. 3D printed objects) using the 3D printer. 100% of students will produce a video segment showing/describing the process of how they made a 3D printed object and how it helped them better understand a targeted math, science or reading standard. I will submit work samples and lessons to Bloomboard that will help me earn the micro-credential: SAMR – Using technology to “Redefine” Instruction. We will have specific rubrics that go along with each activity targeting math, science, and reading standards. Students will have multiple opportunities to 3D print objects. By April 4, 2018 all students will have produced their video segment proving their proficiency with using technology at the “redefinition” level. By April 4th I will have earned the micro-credential: SAMR – Using technology to “Redefine” instruction. If have earned the micro credential and at least80% of students have completed their segment by April 4th, then I will deem our experiment successful. If I have not earned the micro credential, then I have been unable to prove that my instruction rose to the level of redefinition and I will deem that I have failed to appropriately use technology to redefine instruction with the use of a 3D printer in my fourth grade classroom.