• “We’re 1:1 – So, Now What?!?”

    To address the problem of practice that students are utilizing the 1:1 devices they were issued by the school but are not interacting with them to their fullest potential, I plan for the 75 students I teach in 7th grade language arts to partake in a series of interactive lessons and presentations throughout the year…Read More

  • “The Write Way to Showcase Appalachia”

    Approximately 75 students in my language arts classes will photograph the Appalachian community in which they live. Students will select photos that they feel showcase positive attributes of Appalachia to use as inspiration for creative writing pieces. After composing, revising, and editing pieces, students…Read More

  • Project #1: The Eagle’s Nest News: An Augmented Reality Newspaper Written For and By Students

    Project Summary:

    Students in my language arts enrichment classes will design, research, produce, and distribute a student created newspaper featuring augmented reality and interactive QR codes for our school. (Currently the only newspaper being p…Read More

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