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    I was so pleased with how my grant “Alexa, Help My Students Become More Independent” turned out. I expected my students to become interested in using the Echo Dots in their classrooms and once more familiar with reaching out for, and using information, spread into using other technological devices to obtain needed information. I did run into a couple of problems. First, I had one student use the Echo Dot inappropriately. I had to develop rules for use. Also, not all of the teachers involved in this study were familiar with using the Echo Dot. One even chose not to participate. 🙁 I developed a Google doc with information on the Echo Dot and how to use them in the classroom. I had each teacher digitally sign the document before installing Echo Dots in their classrooms. Once I began introducing the devices in classrooms, the students often knew more about how to use them than the teachers, and were able to help them. Now, almost all of my students frequently use the Echo Dots. Several have more frequently started using calculators, iPads, and other devices not just for play, but to obtain information. I was so proud of how my students behaved and performed in front of an audience during my presentation. They loved the experience of being there, and have asked if they can be the ones to come with me next year if I win another grant. 🙂