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    It was a little more difficult that I first expected to get the kids and their general education teachers to buy in to using the Rocketbooks at first. They were so used to having a notebook for every class. Even though most of the time the notes in these notebooks were never used to study or refer to, and the assignments created in these notebooks were never turned in, having several notebooks had become routine and habit for them. We all know how hard it is to break a habit. My students were willing to try, however, and that is how I needed them to be. The general education teachers were not used to having the kids not turn in assignments on notebook paper. It took some adjustment time for them to get used to kids having to go to a computer, log into their file, and print out their assignment. One teacher, who was really receptive to the project, suggested and idea that made this work even better. My school uses Google Drive often. He suggested just sharing the kids’ work folders with their teachers. This was a brilliant idea. It took another adjustment period, but now teachers know they can log into Google, bring up the specific kids’ folder, and view the assignment. I have the settings so they can edit, so the teacher is still able to make suggested corrections, add feedback, and provide a grade. My students still have to be responsible for scanning their pages and wiping their notebook clean, but they do not have to stress about remembering to turn in so many assignments, which is a weakness for them.