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    We had two teams and as a result we were able to participate in four projects. We lead the “R Word Campaign”, served others as part of the Beta Club, paved the way to begin a Toiletry Bank, and had a huge Kindness campaign. We consider all of these endeavors as successful.

    Our “R Word” Campaign opened the eyes of many of our students. They had not previously realized how often they and their peers used derogatory terms to refer to each other. It was hard to convince a few that even though they were joking, it was still not a term to be used in jokes. In the end, students were catching their words and choosing to use other words, and working on developing a habit of choose words with a more positive connotation.
    Our Beta Club was very active this year. They helped with many community and school community projects. They sung at the Veteran’s day program, were elves at the Kenny’s Kids event, packed gifts at Angel Christmas, and much much more. They loved helping so much, they asked to continue after the school year ended, and brought many ideas to me, as their sponsor of things they wanted to become involved with.
    The “Kindness Campaign” was the favorite of the students. They loved getting to deliver small gifts to their teachers. They were creative when being Undercover Agents of Kindness and delivered very personalized treats to their peers. They helped create Kindness quotes to hang around the school, and contributed to an improved culture of kindness within the school.
    The students worked hard on the toiletry bank. They surveyed the students that would be needing these supplies to first find out if they were needed, and secondly to compile a list of what was needed. They researched products for the best deals, but that were still effective. They have requested the supplies, and created an area that will serve as the bank.
    These projects have impacted our school in a very positive way. I look forward to continued improvements in the future.