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    For my capstone project, Im thinking about a couple of different (but related) ideas, and I’d love some feedback from the group
    For my first thought, I’d like to explore the PLC structure in our district. This year, we are implementing a new PLC structure–our groups are centered around different components of the Danielson framework, teachers have self-selected an area of growth from those components, and we have assigned and trained a teacher leader for each of those groups. We have two schools in our district, and the PLC groups are made up of teachers from both schools. What I HOPE we see: increased collaboration leading to a better district/school culture and teacher growth that has a positive impact on student learning.
    I am also “tossing around” the idea of looking at a plan for developing teacher leaders and the idea of using a district leadership team that includes those teachers as part of the model.
    I’d greatly appreciate any feedback/advice from the group. Thanks!

    • I really see the two ideas you have mentioned here being connected. Those teacher leaders can definitely be the catalyst for increased collaboration to create that reflective culture.