• My materials are at school and I am at home! But I wanted to post some links and share the awesome STEAM/coding tools we have been working with. The site isn’t letting me link directly for some reason, but check out ozobot DOT COM, playosmo DOT COM, and makewonder DOT COM.

    Just let me know if you have any questions about these! They have been…Read More

  • We have been using our robots and technology to work on coding skills, as well as having a lot of fun learning these skills! We were planning to integrate our robots into our Special Olympics preparation, as well as have an event to share our resources with some friends from other classes, but those are on hold for now.

  • As a co-teacher in a large self-contained and resource special education unit, I service many students with Autism and other significant disabilities. While we work hard every day to help our students succeed with their basic academic skills, we sometimes struggle to incorporate hands-on experiences, especially in the areas of Science, Technology,…Read More

  • Photos from Carr Creek Elementary ATLAS projects and events:

  • Carr Creek Elementary
    Project Two

    Inclusive Youth Leadership: (Peer Presentations) Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign

    The members of the group worked together explaining the campaign, getting students to sign and take the pledge and passing out the bracelets. We handed out over 400 bracelets. The students enjoyed spending time together and…Read More

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