• Grant Update for Reading is Epic!: This addition to my classroom has drastically changed the reading engagement of my reluctant and struggling readers. Students are able to explore many different genres and topics to discover the type of books and text they enjoy! The headphones and chromebook charging cart I purchased with the grant money has…[Read more]

  • Grant update: Have had a lot of success getting the students to work on projects, and even create their own 3-D printable objects. They have grasped the concept of “an evolution in the arts”. They have strung together the implications that art has on technology and other fields, and it has expanded their ideas of what using art actually means. The…

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  • Grant Update: “Can You Hear Me?” Our innovative grant is helping us develop effective communicators in the classroom. With the purchase of a classroom audio enhancement system, students are loving “taking the mic” and participating in our classroom discussions. Our mic system has changed the way we learn and listen. I can’t brag enough about…

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  • My grant, “Write On”, has transformed my classroom. We purchased 3 dry erase tables and have been using them for numerous literacy and thinking strategies. The students love them! Most recently, we used our learning tables for a vocabulary strategy activity as students moved from station to station. The tables provide a great instrument to…

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  • For my grant I got an iPad and apple pen. I have been working with my students to improve social skills. They are recording themselves and each other and watching videos– we talk about what is appropriate and what can be done differently. Some of my students can create trailers and edit the movies. The children are very motivated by this. They…[Read more]

  • Update on my Grant Project for Transitions of Exceptional Students: My project consisted of creating a “Relaxation Station” for my students in order to prevent negative behaviors associated with transitions within the classroom, particularly those involving computers and technology. The station was intended to be self-initiated, and our students…[Read more]

  • Hey all! The Alexa Echo Show has been an amazing tool for my students! We use it EVERY day! It keeps us up-to-date on the weather and important news topics. We have used it to help us spell sight words and “trick” words that go along with our phonics program. I have created quizzes for my students to use in math. My academic team students…[Read more]

  • Everything has been running smoothly for Operation Math Assist. I’ve posted instructional videos to YouTube for my students to utilize for study purposes outside of the classroom. I originally thought this would be a beneficial tool for the students who do not have the “perfect home life” as they would likely not have someone to help them with…[Read more]

  • These students were the big winners in our Breakout activity! Students used their Boogie Boards to work out problems and solve clues to be able to open their boxes! Students are loving using the Boogie Boards!

  • We have been utilizing our sensory sight word wall in assessing our students on the sight word karate progress. We have also been encouraging our students to quiz each other during free time by partnering up and going to the “word wall” in the hallway and do a pair-share activity. We also have encouraged our students who are struggling to go to…[Read more]

  • I’ve started using escape games as an incentive in my classroom. Our first one of the year was Jurassic Park themed and everyone was allowed to participate. They LOVED IT! We’ve had several since then, and to participate, students had to have completed and turned in all missing work (no 0’s). I’ve seen incredible gains in participation in…[Read more]

  • We were late receiving our technology, but we have it now and are currently experimenting with it. I still have a lot to learn.

  • I want to post an update for Fantastic Floors! We had a setback, we were unable to order the stickers we had originally found because of Purchase Orders. I found a new set and got those ordered! I have laid them out in the hallway and took pictures of where the sets are going to go. Next, we must lay the stickers on a Friday evening when there are…

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  • Our focus this year is to recognize the good and focus on growth! Check out one of our accomplishments as a school.

  • Now as far as our project we have started by doing a google slide about local Fiddle legend, Kenny Baker. This was very fun for me and my students. We had the opportunity to interview Morehead State’s Professor of Traditional Music, archivists and Tyler Childer’s fiddle Player. His Q&A session brought much insight to my Appalachian Club that…[Read more]

  • Well I am in a new class in MAT this semester, Literacy in Content area. I have learned a new method that I am excited about, called the SPICE method. We can learn so much by knowing % things about historical events or time periods. S- what is going on Socially. P – what is going on Politically, I- how are people Interacting with the…[Read more]

  • Our project is still getting the bugs worked out. Our grant included buying a cash register with scanning so that my students could have real life experiences in our school store. That is all we were thinking at the time. The cash register has turned out to be more than we expected!! 😉 It has many more skills for the students to learn. We are…[Read more]

  • The work and fun of my innovation grant “Making a Difference Through SEL” (Social and Emotional Learning) is underway and on-going. I am in the process of selecting the peer mediators for our group at this time. Since we’ve been back from Christmas break, we’ve had several small groups and individual counseling with various topics. Upcoming…[Read more]

  • My students love to work with the chromebooks and using the camera to take photographs. We have decided to compile a book at the end of the school that incorporates all newsletters, photographs and writings from the students instead of doing a monthly newsletter for each student. Our school implemented a digital newsletter of information for…[Read more]

  • My students are loving the independence that the C-Pen is giving them in their general education classes.

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